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Cloud-Cuckoo-Land - International Journal of Architectural Theory


Wolkenkuckucksheim – Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – Воздушный замок is a free and openly accessible trilingual online journal on Theory of Architecture, which appears in two volumes annually. It was founded in 1996 by Eduard Heinrich Führ and has since been published by varying curators for each issue and a fixed editorial team.The architectural concept is widely set, firstly disciplinal, insofar it includes space, city, countryside, infrastructure, structural engineering, interior design and landscape architecture. It includes both the process of practical realizationof architecture, thus referring to architectural problem identification, designing, manufacturing, the work, as well as the appropriation, use, analysis and interpretation thereof. The theory concept that is represented by the journal integrates transdisciplinary cultural studies questions on architecture, thus including philosophical, sociological, psychological, anthropological, ethnological and humanities-related aspects. 

Theory is thereby understood as a theorization of everyday life rooted in actual practice, also as planning theory, as a discourse on methodologically sound ways to gain cognition, as scientification of the knowledge gained and as philosophy of science.

Affiliated to the magazine are facilities for research, such as the Open Archive for Theory of Architecture (OATA), in which texts on architecture are made accessible for research purposes.


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Internationale Zeitschrift
zur Theorie der Architektur

ISSN 1430-8363

International Journal
of Architectural Theory

ISSN 1434-0984

Мeждународный журнал
по тeории архитeктуры

ISSN 1434-0968




Eduard Heinrich Führ (V.i.S.d.P.)
Jörg H. Gleiter
Ute Poerschke
Riklef Rambow

Editorial Advisory Board
Ákos Morávanszky (Zürich) 
Mary McLeod (New York) 
Achim Hahn (Dresden) 
Karsten Harries (New Haven) 
Ingeborg Rocker (Cambridge/MA) 
Jun Tanaka (Tokio)

Berlin Editorial Staff
Lidia Gasperoni
Klaus Platzgummer
Alexander Stumm